Am I enough? 

 You are not the perfect son they always dreamt of, you are not the perfect boyfriend girls are looking for and you are not the perfect employee the companies have searched for too, unfortunately. Lost in my thoughts, I have always been wondering if I am doing it right, if there is something I could have done to make it work, if I am truly not qualified enough to be fought for and if there is someone out there who will choose me over everything else or at least choose me with everything even if I am at the end of the list, it doesn’t matter. This is how pathetic some of us have been transformed to in a world where relationships are exposed on social media to win more likes and shares. How come someone’s dream to be hired in a well known company can be only driven by an inner desire of being loved and admired by the surroundings? Every single action is determined by people around us and how would they react despite the fact that they won’t actually help you out if things went wrong. How did we lose our minds searching for love in other people when we don’t know how to love ourselves as we are? It’s strange how technology only helped us to get nearer from others, but couldn’t help us get to know our real selves! Self love is not cliché, it is not only one of those main orders given in a yoga session to love yourself and accept your flaws so that positive energy can finally find its way. Self Love has always been the core of humanity. It is the way one can see himself that help him reach what he is aspiring for. It is the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how far it may seem, but you believe it is there and it guides you through the darkness till you find your way out of it. If this light went off, you will be lost not knowing what is waiting for you; just running and running with no final destination. You are not going anywhere, just wasting your efforts in the wrong place.  What if you started exploring yourself instead of trying to please everyone else? Maybe that’s the only way to know how precious you are. For people to understand that you are worthy of their love, you should believe it first. You are not trash or some sort of a mess and even if you are a mess, so what? We all have got our fair share of craziness but this is what makes our lives colorful enough. Imagine how boring and dull could it be if we are all decent, organized, thoughtful and cute. It turned out to be one of those long speeches at the end, where you are highly affected then it’s all gone after two minutes. Please, think of yourself first, no one will call you selfish or self centered for searching for your true self but they will call you weak if you couldn’t fight for it. Love whatever you will find at the end of the tunnel and may be it would be the beginning of a new journey!

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