Heal in 40 days Challenge

She chose to leave for them to live. She chose to cry so they can heal later on. The typical story we have to go through during our crazy twenties. The decision of leaving everything behind you so you can feel a little bit better; that’s how you believe it would be, but it’s never that easy! I couldn’t tell her that, for sure, but at least I succeeded in making her laugh when I told her that scientists have proven that one can heal from anything in 40 days, no matter how hard it may seem at the beginning. I’ve always been known for strange unknown theories, but they work every single time. We’re all running from something in our lives, something hidden deep inside, we never have the strength to let it go. We wake up in the morning feeling bad for no specific reason, eat our breakfast because we have to eat, and go to work because that’s what grownups do. If you paused for a moment, you will have to think and if you thought, you would lose your mind, so you keep going with no clear destination hoping for a better ending. We started the“40 Days to heal” challenge with an inner intuition that it would be our salvation. It’s strange how this number has always been a mystery for ages, some people even go further and state that it takes us 20 days to break an old habit and another 20 to build a new one. Maybe this is how we believed in this challenge and in its consequences. 1, 2, 3 Action! Step one: Don’t stay alone; even if it is hard to talk on this stage, never stay alone, and surround yourself by those kind hearted loyal friends whom you can stay with for hours without having to say a single word. Step Two: Cry whenever you want to cry, Crying is not that bad; don’t force yourself to be the strong heartless person because this is actually weakness. Showing your true feelings will never be something to be ashamed of, on the opposite, it requires courage and bravery to confess what is hidden. Step 3: Let it go, this is where you have to start talking and expressing what’s happening deep inside before it gets out of control. Talking doesn’t need to be directed towards friends only, sharing with strangers can have the same effect; writing or drawing your thoughts can also be great when dealing with unexpressed feelings. Step 4: Engage yourself in new activities; as cheesy as it may sound, but this is the only way to overcome your crisis whatever it is. If you lost a job, start searching for a new one; sleeping in your bed and eating your emotions will only end in high weight and deep regret! Step 5: Dress to impress! Choose your perfect outfit, change your style or Try a new haircut. These are all outer stimulations, not solutions. Being desperate doesn’t mean to look like a wreck less homeless soul. Step 6: Trace your progress! Keep writing notes starting from day 1; trace your ups and downs and have a look on them when all this is over to remind yourself how courageous you are and that you are capable of getting over anything no matter how consuming it may appear. Step 7: Never underestimate the power of religious beliefs. No matter what religion you believe in, the existence of an upper hand will always be our comfort zone. There is some sort of divine power which will always be by your side and knows you well more than anyone else. You don’t have to prove that you are good enough, you don’t have to prove your intentions were not bad as they seemed and you don’t have to hide your true self to fit in. We haven’t finished the challenge yet, but those steps are some of the acquired attempts during the past couple of days and hopefully it turns out to be a successful one. We’re all different, it is not guaranteed that these steps will work out for you, but at least trying them will not harm you. Accepting the fact that this is life and that this is the way how it works will help you get over it; not faster, but easier. Those who left will always be in our memories, our lost dreams will always stay in the back of our minds and our fears will always be there in our wondering thoughts. Keep going, live your miseries but don’t let them overwhelm you! This is your message for the day, you are not alone in this, but the sun will rise again and a new day will be waiting for all of us whenever we start giving ourselves a chance to believe that we actually can heal!

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