Self Isolation: a curse or a gift?

The world is collapsing, people are running back to their shelters and life is getting transformed like nothing you have ever seen before. A year ago, it was only in our dreams and sci fi films that you can discover a fatal virus infecting the whole world and leading to the death of thousands in a couple of months. With Covid 19 or as they call it Corona Virus, our weirdest thoughts have turned into reality infecting around 196 countries and territories around the world! Self isolation has become a must and some governments have already set some strict orders to ensure the safety of their citizens hoping in a faster …….  For the first time in history, people are forced to stay home so they can stay safe; however, it’s been so long since they had their last open vacation and they seem to be heading directly towards a severe panic attack. For an introvert, staying at home has always been my ultimate dream and 2 days off was my forever target. These circumstances are challenging though for both extroverts and introverts because it seems to be endless; it’s not a vacation but more like self termination. As some might take it as a crisis, others can make the maximum use of it to reorganize their falling lives and rediscover the hidden parts of themselves. Maybe the universe is giving you the chance to start your whole life one more time and it all depends on how you choose to take it in. Here are some collected ideas which can help you while being on social distancing to get over boredom and negative feelings. If you are working or studying from home, you can still apply some of these ideas as you will still have plenty of time after finishing your work or online classes. 
1- Plan everything in advance When you first stay at home, try not to waste your whole time eating, sleeping and surfing the internet because the longer you go on, the more frustrated you will become as all your days will be the same and time will fly by before even noticing it.   Write notes on how you will organize your days to benefit from them and help you be a better version of yourself by the end of this period. 


Day 1: Work from 9 am to 5 pm Family and Friends from 5 pm to 8 pm    Exercise from 8 pm to 9 pm Netflix from 9 pm to 11 pm Get in bed at 11.30 pm(Note: Mentioned points can always be reorganized according to one’s own preferred ideas and activities.)
2- Self Isolation doesn’t mean you are alone! Staying at home is meant for your safety in the first place. Your mental health is as important as your physical one and it would be highly affected in a positive way if you kept in touch with all your long distance friends, relatives, neighbors and people you used to encounter everyday in your daily life. Nothing has changed; you are only keeping a distance for your safety and their safety too, you are not cutting them out of your life. Call them as usual, if you are afraid of talking to people over the phone, maybe this can be a good chance to practice. There are many applications over there to help you not only to call your friends but also to see them everyday such as Skype, Zoom, Messenger and much more. Sharing memes or making super hilarious comments are not bad as some may assume, these can actually help you isolate your mental health from all the bad news and negative rumors spread everywhere. Never underestimate the power of black comedy!3- We’re finally gathered! Oh boy, since ages we have been immersed in our industrial communities, no time was left for our families and now we are finally given the opportunity to stay with them for some time without having to think over and over again what we are missing outside. Start making deeper connections with your family members, If you are a father, try playing with your kids, they will be surprised by that stranger who started knocking on their doors at first but don’t worry kids are brilliant in making new friends, you can give it a try!  4- Discover yourself! If you used to play guitar when you were a little kid and things changed when you grew up and you were forced to abandon your favorite hobby because of lack of time, now all you have is time! Maybe you can start investing more in getting back your old hobbies or try acquiring a new one. Painting or drawing, singing, playing a musical instrument, Reading, writing, knitting, baking (cooking in general can be a hobby), Handcrafts, etc. For how long time have you been postponing reading a book or writing in your diaries because you are absorbed in so much work. Don’t waste your time any more, please!5- Learn and get entertained at the same time!Coronavirus is announced to be pandemic a while ago. Since it is no longer an individual problem, people have understood that all of us should stand together if we want to end it soon. Therefore, many authorized organizations and well established institutions have offered their help to motivate people while being at home. You can find many online courses offered for free so you can enhance your knowledge and bost your career in the next few weeks. Websites like Cousera and Udemi have offered hundreds of free courses in many fields. Cambridge University press offered hundreds of higher education textbooks for free. Nasa has made their media library publically accessible. Many singers started going life via different social media platforms to entertain people and encourage them to stay at home. You can go on virtual rides through the world’s museums while on your chair, Learn how to cook Japanese Sukiyaki, Make some strange origami structures, etc. All of these amazing opportunities are available on the internet waiting for you.
 Don’t let it get out of your control! panicking is not the way out of this situation; we can cry all day long, sleep at night and repeat it endlessly or we can take this period to rest for a while, meditate, exercise, learn, cook, play, sing, read, write, think and reorganize our priorities. You can choose if you are going to take it as a curse or as a gift; are you ready for the challenge?

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