Spectacular Monuments

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most spectacular monuments?
It is Egypt’s second most visited historical site; it is Abu Simble Complex. The temples of Abu Simble are a miracle and wonderful masterpieces. They depict the professionalism and accuracy of the ancient Egyptians in construction.  Abu simple area has a very rich history and remarkable facts; the history of temples magical stories of dedication, sacrifice, gratitude and determined efforts. Let’s discover the facts beyond this unprecedentedly uttermost creation.

Abus simble temples were built by Ramesses II Pharaoh. The site is located south of Aswan along Lake Nasser; these gigantic rock-cut temples set the demarcation of the Southern boundary of Egypt. The temples were built to reflect the absolute power of Egypt’s pharaohs to any enemies.
Abu Simble complex embraces two main temples: The Grand temple that is decorated by four statues of Pharaoh Ramesses, and they are breathtakingly formidable. The temple includes various chambers, scripts written on the walls of the temple that describe the victorious wars, his life and brief illustrations
 of the life of Ancient Egyptians. The Small Temple was constructed for the Egyptian Queen Nefertari, Ramses II most favorite wife. The Small Temple is adorned with four great colossi, two of Ramses II and two of Nefertari. The walls of the temple exhibit pictures of Ramses and Nefertari during their worship of gods.

The temples had been submerged by the sand of desert; the features of the temples completely disappeared for a long time. The Egyptologist Giovanni Battista Belzoni rediscovered Abu Simple complex in 1813 with the help of a Nubian boy called Abu Simple, whom the temple is named after as a sort of gratitude. When the high dam was constructed Abu simple complex encountered a serious threat to be totally submerged in Lake Nasser. The Egyptian government, with the support of UNESCO, launched a worldwide campaign to find a solution to save the temple. The greatest challenge was to relocate the temple to 60 meters above the mountain, away from its original place. Various solutions had been suggested, but each one of them could have supposed the temple to danger. Finally, the engineers decided to cut the temples into numbered pieces like puzzle in order to be able to move them.
The rescue attempt was succeeded with the help of 200 engineers and contractors from all over the world.  It was considered to be the most sophisticating relocation process in history; the great history of the temples and there supremacy made the Egyptians fight the nature to maintain and immortalize them.

The miracle and most distinguished feature of the temple lie in the phenomenon of reflection of the sun inside temple on a specific date of the year. The temple was constructed with estimated mathematical and geographical calculations in order to make that wonderful phenomenon twice a year. The morning sun beam infiltrates through the length of the inner temple cave and illuminates the statues. This event takes place on February 22nd and October 22nd of every year. Thousands of people come from all over the world to witness that magical intended event, which is regarded as testimony to the awareness, genius and skill of the ancient Egyptians.

To sum up, it is not that easy to completely describe one of the world’s greatest temples. Every single detail in the history of the temples of Abu Simple is a clear evidence of the sacrifice, cleverness, greatness and capability of the ancient Egyptians. You cannot miss visiting a historical site that relieves lasting memories and stories of dedication and hard work. Besides, do not miss your chance to book Abu Simbel Sound and Light show ticket. You will go back in time to hear to history of the pharaohs, combined with music and suitable lighting; the show will bring the ancient Egyptians back to life. You will see how the temple was in the past. The show is performed in different languages to immortalize the history of the temples all over the world.


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