Istanbul Landmarks 3 day tour Start from 425$ 

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Istanbul Landmarks 3 day tour Start from 425$ 

A great short tour, perfect for that quick get-a-way that will show you some of the icons of Istanbul. Visit some of these wonders that have made Istanbul popular throughout history including Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophiaand Grand Bazaar with other destinations.




Day 1:Arrival

Welcome to Turkey!
Today you will arrive in Istanbul, you will be transferred to your hotel ready for starting the tour tomorrow.

Day 2:Istanbul Old City Tour

A fantastic day exploring the stunning city beginning with the Blue Mosque, with six elegant minarets, a series of domes and semi-domes offer a wonderful backdrop to the city. The Spacious courtyard is a great place to see people coming back and forth. The park open park in front of the blue mosque is home to the Obelisk that marked the hippodrome that once stood here. You will head to Hagia Sophia Museum an old Byzantium church that was then converted into a mosque before being made into a museum to preserve the history that this building had to see and now holds.

The Grand Bazaar is a great escape from the history, here you will be able to wander the interior streets of one of the largest covered markets being home to 4399 shops, 2195 workshops and 497 stalls with 18 fountains for decoration and cool air.

Topkapi Palace is a spectacular building that served the Ottoman Empire as administration entre for over 400 years. The palace was also home for female members of the royal family including wife, sisters, concubines and even mother, this way of female living was known as a harem.


Day 3:Farewells

Today you will be taken to the airport for the end of your time in Istanbul. If you have any questions or queries, we can help with any further travel or assistance in Turkey.



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HOTEL TYPE Person in double   Single Supplement
STANDARD Hotels        245 $    290 $
TOP END Hotels        325  $   420 $
PREMIUM Hotels        425 $   470 $


Accommodation Options

STANDARD: Standard style accommodation in Turkey is your where you will find basic style guesthouses and/or hostels that have a variety of private rooms and some dorm rooms. The rooms will be clean but basic with no extras found within. Most standard style accommodation options would be 1-2 star equivalent.
Type of accommodations at this range: Guesthouse, Boutique guesthouse, Hostels, 1* and 2* Hotels.

TOP END: Top End style accommodation in Turkey is where you will find 3-5 star equivalent. Here you will get a mix of larger style hotel rooms to smaller boutique places that will have clean, comfortable rooms with a little extra.
Type of accommodations at this range: Boutique Hotels, 3*, 4* and 5* Hotels.

PREMIUM: Premium Luxury accommodation in Turkey is your 5 star and similar hotels. This can include your large chain hotels and you will also find a variety of smaller locally run Luxury Boutique places that are full of charm and worth the extra dollar.
Type of accommodations at this range: Premium Boutique +4* and +5* Hotels.





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