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WILD WEST FJORDS 4 DAY TOUR Start from 2010$ 

The four day tour gives you the time to take in all the Westfjords has to offer. Walk up to the impressive Dynjandi waterfall, one of Icelands largest falls with multiple waterfalls to marvel at on the way. You’ll get to peer over the edge of the towering bird cliffs at Látrabjarg, the western most point in Europe, keeping an eye out for the birds that call this home for the summer, including the ever so cute puffin. Cruise around the bays of a fjord in a boat on the lookout for the abundant wildlife, including whales, puffins, seals and sea birds. Learn all about the history and ways of life in the historic homesteads, museums and tiny fishing towns scattered along the shores of the fjords. These fishing towns also give us access to some of the freshest seafood and produce to sample along the way. A major part of local life is taking advantage of the numerous hot pots and outdoor swimming pools, seemingly scattered all over the fjords. Taking in the spectacular scenery from these hot pools is unforgettable. We even include a visit to the unique seaweed baths at Reykhólar providing great nourishment for your skin. This four day itinerary allows you to truly experience the wonders of Iceland.
This tour includes all activities each day and accommodation every night at our preferred guesthouse in each area, all including a delicious buffet breakfast, allowing you to rest easy and rejuvenate for another day exploring this amazing part of Iceland.





Day 1 :

After leaving Reykjavík we head north on Route 1, where we get a great introduction to the incredible landscapes we will see on this trip as as we pass by and under Hvalfjörður, the whale fjord. On the way north we will turn off and leave the route 1 traffic behind, continuing our way to the northwest, where we will make our first stop. At Erpstaðir Dairy Farm we will go on a guided tour by the farmer, getting to learn about life on a dairy farm in Iceland and to see how they make all their delicious skyr, cheese and ice-cream. We get to sample all their wonderful produce they make right there on the farm. Next it is a short drive on to where we will have lunch for the day, getting to try typical Icelandic fare.
We continue north, coming into one of our first Westfjords towns. Hólmavík is a small fishing town on the eastern Westfjords coast known as Strandir. Strandir was believed to be the area where witches and sorcerers would reside, and we can learn all about their weird and wonderful ways at the Museum of Witchcraft and Sorcery. We continue on, passing over mountains and wind our way along the coast until we reach the Guesthouse of Heydalur, tucked deep away in a secluded valley. Here is a small farm with horses, a greenhouse with hot pool and orchard. We take it easy, getting accustomed to the quieter pace of life on the farm by going for hikes in the spectacular scenery looking for arctic foxes, bathing in the geothermal pools on the farm and in the greenhouse or using the sauna. Before retiring for the night we eat dinner at their wonderful restaurant, where we can taste fresh produce from the area. All rooms are comfortably appointed with private bathrooms and include Heydalur’s delicious buffet breakfast.


Day 2 :

Our second day starts with the delicious buffet breakfast from Heydalur, getting a taste of local produce and a typical Icelandic breakfast. After breakfast we dive deeper into the Westfjords, stopping in the town of Súðavík to learn all about the Arctic Fox. The fox has an interesting history in Iceland and we will get a guided tour of the Arctic Fox Centre by the passionate staff, as well as get to check in on the resident foxes. From here we continue our trip west, heading toward the ‘capital of the Westfjords’. The town of Ísafjörður seems like a thriving metropolis compared to all the tiny fishing towns we have encountered so far. This 2,500 person town is situated in one of the most picturesque settings. Here we will have lunch before we explore the beauty of the fjord in detail, by cruising around the waters on a Boat Tour. This breathtaking boat ride has us taking in all the spectacular views from a different angle, whilst giving us the chance to get close to whales, seals and birdlife that are abundant in these waters.
Back on dry land we will continue to explore the area around Ísafjörður, taking in the incredible scenery and views all around this town. We will have dinner at one of Icelands most revered restaurants. Tjöruhúsið is a must visit for any Icelanders visiting the Westfjords with some of the freshest and best seafood dishes in the country. After dinner we will depart town to our guesthouse for the night. It is only a short drive, by taking advantage of the tunnel that gets us through the mountains, into the next fjord to get to our guesthouse. Driving through the gorgeous scenery of Önundarfjörður always leaves us speechless. We will spend the night here in the restored farmhouse of Kirkjuból, a cosy guesthouse set in rolling green fields and surrounded by towering mountains.


Day 3 – Black Sands and White Glaciers

After an early breakfast on day three we set off for Dynjandi, which would have to be one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. This is a big statement with waterfalls seeming to be around every corner in Iceland. You will hike past many smaller falls on the way up to larger falls of Dynjandi, the immense, cascading ribbons of water leaving every visitor in awe. The views from the top are equally impressive. We continue south toward the town of Bíldudalur, tucked deep away in massive fjords, often protecting this town from the afternoon sea breezes that prevail in the fjords. The drive to get here is spectacular with the often potholed mountain road slowing our drive, which allows us to better take in the breathtaking views that greet us over every mountain crest and around every corner.
We will have lunch in Bíldudalur before continuing to the southwestern town of Patreksfjörðurwhere we will be staying tonight. Yet another fishing town with stunning views across the fjord. We will check into the delightful Hotel West. We will take advantage of the seemingly endless daylight and head out to explore the Látrabjarg peninsula. The towering cliffs of Látrabjarg are the western most point of Iceland, dropping over 400 metres down into the rough seas of the North Atlantic Ocean below. These cliffs are a haven for seabirds, including the ever popular puffin. Being here in the evening is the best time for viewing these cute birds, as well as watching the sun almost set on the horizon. Another great photo stop is by the abandoned, run aground ship, Garðar BA 64. This old whaling ship, launched the same year as the Titanic, presents some stark photo opportunities within the scenery of the Westfjords. We return to rest in Patreksfjörður after another epic day in the west.


Day 4 – Ice Wonderland

We will have a slightly later start after yesterdays big day of exploring. After breakfast we start making our way back toward Reykjavik. Although the dramatic scenery of the Westfjords isn’t done with yet as we continue winding our way around fjords and over mountains in the drive south. Before leaving the Westfjords we will stop in the town of Reykhólar, where they have taken advantage of the abundant geothermal heat in a number of ingenious ways. We can visit the Norður Salt factory, where they use geothermal heat to evaporate the sea water from the fjord to leave behind salt flakes that are in demand from restaurants around the world. Also here are the increasingly popular seaweed baths, hot water baths filled with seaweed extract to truly nourish the skin, as has been tradition in this area for generations. One last chance to truly relax before getting back to civilisation, and reality, of life in the capital of Reykjavík. We will arrive in town in time for a late dinner, where the wonders of the past four days will only just be starting to settle in.

Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Available: June to September by request.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Number of people: maximum 8 (minimum 4)
  • Pick-Up Time: 8:30 am


What to bring:

  • waterproof jackets and pants
  • Hiking boots


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