Frequently Asked Questions

- Photography is generally not prohibited. Still, most historic squares and museums charge a 
fee for taking photos, but this doesn’t usually apply to your camera phone. Except in the 
Egyptian Museum and in the Valley of the Kings where photography is absolutely 
prohibited. With Egypt tours you make unforgettable memories and take lots of photos. Our 
guides in Cairo, on the Nile cruises or on Lake Nasser cruises will help you further.
- Egyptians are known for tolerance and hospitality. Basically, most Egyptians are inclined to 
take photos. Nevertheless, you should ask for consent beforehand, especially if you want to 
photograph women or private things. There is an absolute ban on photography at army 
facilities, airports, bridges, the metro and the dam.
- Be careful about photographing any area with trash, as Egyptian authorities are serious about 
preventing Egypt from being seen in a bad light