The Must be Visited Cities in Egypt
29 Jan, 2024

The Must be Visited Cities in Egypt

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The Must be Visited Cities in Egypt   Welcome to the enchanting world of Egypt, a captivating destination that boasts an illustrious history and magnificent civilization. know The Must be Visited Cities in Egypt Immerse yourself in the abundance of monumental wonders that form the very essence of Egyptian tourism. From the majestic pyramids to the tranquil beaches, the mystical Nile River cruise to the breathtaking oases and resorts, Egypt has it all. When you’re considering a holiday in Egypt, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the primary cities that attract tourists. Let us introduce you to the highlights: Let Sun Pyramids Tours guide you through these mesmerizing destinations, ensuring an unforgettable journey through Egypt's Tourist Attractions. Join us as we uncover the secrets of Aswan, dive into the wonders of Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, and indulge in the healing embrace of Siwa Oasis. Your Egyptian adventure awaits.

Cairo, Egypt’s Vibrant Capital, a Cultural, Religious, and Architectural Treasure Trove?

Cairo Attractions   Egypt’s vibrant capital is a treasure trove of cultural, religious, architectural, and culinary heritage. Explore the grand Egyptian Museum, witness the splendor of the Saladin Citadel, and marvel at architectural gems like the Mohammed Ali Mosque and the twin mosques of Sultan Hassan and El-Refai. Don't forget to wander through the historic Khan Al-Khalili bazaar and discover the captivating Muizz Street, a living testament to Egypt's past.

Archeological Areas:

Founded by the Pharaohs and originally known as Heliopolis, our city has been a melting pot of cultures and religions, each leaving behind a rich tapestry of tales and treasures. Beyond the iconic pyramids of Giza that grace the city’s periphery, the Egyptian Museum stands as a beacon for those yearning to traverse through Egypt’s chronological history. The museum is a treasure trove, boasting an array of artifacts, relics, and remnants from the Egyptian civilization. It is here that you will find:

  • Egyptian Museum

  • Solar Boat Museum

  • Ancient City of Memphis

  • Pyramid of Djoser

  • Dahshur Necropolis

  • Necropolis of Saqqara

  Coptic Cairo: This historic district contains some of Cairo's most senior and significant religious sites. It is also known as old Cairo, home to many Christian churches and monasteries. You can visit the Hanging Church, built on top of an ancient Roman gatehouse with a wooden roof resembling Noah's ark. You can also see the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus, which is said to be constructed on the spot where Joseph, Mary, and Jesus stayed during their flight to Egypt.  
  • Ben Ezra Synagogue

  • Church of St Sergius & Bacchus

  • Hanging Church in Cairo

Islamic Cairo:

The heart of the city, Islamic Cairo, predates the architectural marvel that is Downtown, nestled amidst the modern cityscape and extending towards the majestic pyramids of Giza. The Fatimid dynasty, upon their ascension to power in 969 BC, established a new capital to the north of the existing city. This new city emerged as the nerve center of the caliphate’s administration. It is home to:  
  • Bayt Al Suhaymi in Cairo

  • Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque

  • Al-Hakim Mosque

  • Al Rifa’i Mosque

  • Al Aqmar Mosque

  • Muizz Street

  • Mosque of Sultan Hassan

  • Mosque of Ibn Tulun

  • Saladin Citadel in Cairo

  • Mosque of Muhammad Ali

  • Al Azhar Mosque

  • Wekalet El Ghouri

  • Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Giza, Egypt

Giza, Egypt   Giza, a city that’s just a short distance away and one of the Must be Visited Cities in Egypt, is the proud host of the globally renowned Giza Pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx. Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Saqqara, where the Step Pyramid of King Djoser stands as a symbol of ancient architectural ingenuity. Giza Attractions:  
  • Grand Egyptian Museum

  • Great Sphinx of Giza

  • Pyramid of Menkaure

  • Pyramid of Khafre

  • Great Pyramid of Cheops

  • Giza Necropolis

Alexandria, Egypt’s Bride of the Mediterranean, a Must-Visit Destination

Why visit Alexandria  

Venture north to Alexandria, the beautiful bride of the Mediterranean. Relax on its stunning beaches, delve into its rich history at the Citadel of Qaitbay and the catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa, and marvel at landmarks like Pompey's Pillar and the Roman Theater. Be sure to visit the modern marvel that is the new Library of Alexandria, a haven for knowledge and cultural exploration. Alexandria Attractions: Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, graces the Mediterranean coast, nestled on the western edge of the Nile Delta. As the oldest city in Egypt with continuous habitation, Alexandria is a testament to the sands of time. While its glory days may be in the past, the city continues to captivate visitors with its wealth of monuments, particularly those hailing from the Greek and Roman eras. It is home to:

  • Library of Alexandria

  • Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

  • Rosetta Egypt

  • PompePompey’sar

  • Montazah Palace

  • The Citadel of Qaitbay

 What Inspiring Treasures Can You Discover in Luxor, Egypt

Discover in Luxor   Journey to Luxor, a city brimming with awe-inspiring treasures. Unleash your sense of wonder at the Karnak Temples and the Temple of Luxor. Explore the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut and immerse yourself in the mysteries of the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Luxor's museums and hot-air balloon rides offer additional delights to enhance your experience.

And what better way to embrace the essence of Egypt than through a magical Nile River cruise? Sail on a felucca, a traditional boat, for a brief yet memorable voyage. Alternatively, indulge in a more extended cruise, allowing you to bask in the timeless beauty of the Nile. Luxor Attractions: Luxor, often referred to as “the world’s largest open-air museum,” is one of Egypt’s premier cities and a globally renowned tourist destination. Nestled on the eastern bank of the Nile, Luxor is a treasure trove of ancient Egyptian history, as attested by numerous tourism and historical organizations. It is home to:

  • Valley of the Kings

  • Tombs of The Nobles

  • The Ramesseum

  • Temple of Dendera

  • Temple of Abydos

  • Luxor Temple

  • Luxor Museum

  • Luxor City

  • Karnak Temple

  • Hatshepsut Temple

  • Colossi of Memnon

Aswan, Egypt’s

Aswan, Egypt   Aswan, one of the Must be Visited Cities in Egypt, is the proud host of the globally renowned Giza Pyramids. The mysterious Sphina, a serene city located south of Luxor in Upper Egypt, offers a delightful contrast to bustling urban life. Embrace the tranquility of its spectacular nature and immerse yourself in its peaceful atmosphere.

The magnificent Temple of Abu Simbel stands as the crown jewel of Aswan. Carved into a large rock by the legendary King Ramses II, this temple was meticulously relocated to save it from the rising waters of the High Dam. A Nile cruise on Lake Nasser behind the dam will reveal more of the Nubian monuments that were rescued and relocated. Aswan Attractions:

Aswan, nestled on the eastern bank of the Nile, is a magnet for tourists, drawn by its wealth of ancient monuments and statues that narrate the tale of a grand civilization. Visitors flock here to delve into the might of the Egyptian pharaohs and their monumental legacy that continues to be studied today. Witness the echoes of centuries-old conflicts over land and influence between two cultures. It is home to:
  • Nubian Museum

  • Tombs of Nobles Aswan

  • Temple of Kom Ombo

  • Temple of Edfu

  • Unfinished Obelisk

  • Elephantine Island

  • Temple of Philae

  • Aswan High Dam

  • Abu Simbel Temple

 What Makes Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt’s Prominent Tourist Destination

Discover the allure of Sharm El-Sheikh   Sharm El-Sheikh, one of the most famous Egyptian tourist attractions and a prominent tourist destination, captivates visitors with its stunning Red Sea coastline. Dive into the crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life as scuba diving takes center stage. Explore the colorful coral reefs and encounter an array of captivating sea creatures. For a more leisurely experience, embark on a private sea cruise, where relaxation, snorkeling, and dolphin sightings await. Indulge in a delightful shopping excursion at the old market and Soho Square, where you can find unique gifts and souvenirs. Discover the allure of Sharm El-Sheikh with our top attractions:
  1. Ras Mohammed National Park: A must-visit for its stunning beaches, mangrove forest, and saltwater lake. Don’t miss the breathtaking view from Shark Cliff Upper Observatory.
  2. Naama Bay: The heart of resort life, boasting a white-sand beach lined with high-end resorts. Relax on sun loungers or explore the numerous eateries and shops.
  3. Ras Um Sid Beach: Perfect for relaxation and snorkeling. Its offshore coral reef is a haven for marine life, making it a favorite among divers.
  4. Sharm Old Market: Experience the local culture at this bustling bazaar, offering a variety of traditional goods and eateries.
  5. The Blue Hole: Sinai’s most famous dive site. Its deep blue waters teem with marine life, offering an unforgettable diving experience.
Join us and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Sharm El-Sheikh!

Why is Hurghada, Egypt’s, a Must-Visit Destination on the Red Sea’s Western Coast

Why visit Hurghada   Hurghada, once a humble fishing village, has blossomed into a thriving tourist resort on the Red Sea's western coast. Sun-drenched beaches and world-class diving centers beckon, inviting you to explore the wonders beneath the waves. Embark on an exhilarating safari tour to discover the desert's hidden gems and experience the thrill of off-road adventures. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Hurghada, where you can find tranquility through meditation, bask in the glow of golden beaches, and engage in a plethora of water sports, including snorkeling. Hurghada also offers thrilling desert adventures, with Jeep excursions and quad biking experiences that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s no wonder that many travelers prefer the coastal charm of Hurghada over traditional desert cities for their vacation. Experience the best of both worlds with these attractions in Hurghada:
  • Giftun Islands

  • The Blue Hole

  • Perfect for relaxation and snorkeling

  • Experience the local culture at this bustling bazaar

  • Hurghada City Centre and Corniche

  • Hurghada Markets and Souks

  • Marine Museum and Aquarium

  • Shipwreck Diving Sites

What Natural Sanctuary and Healing Properties Can You Find in Siwa Oasis, Egypt’s Western Region

Siwa Oasis   Siwa Oasis, nestled in Egypt's western region, offers a natural sanctuary renowned for its healing properties. Indulge in the therapeutic hot springs, which are believed to possess natural remedies for various ailments. Dive into Cleopatra's Bath, named after the legendary queen herself, and immerse yourself in the rejuvenating waters. The oasis also boasts ancient monuments and castles that whisper tales of a bygone era. If you’re planning a trip to Siwa, Don’t miss out on the rich cultural tapestry that awaits you. Begin your exploration at the Siwa House Museum, a window into the lives of the Siwan people. Nestled within a quintessential Siwan mud-brick abode, the museum showcases the vibrant history, artisanal crafts, and enduring traditions of the locale.

Siwa Attractions:

  • Shali Fortress

  • The Temple of the Oracle

  • Siwa Salt Lakes

  • Gebel Al Muwata – Mountain of the Dead

  • The Temple of Amon

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