Half Day Tour to The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

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Discover ancient Egypt's treasures at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Immerse yourself in pharaonic wonders, from mummies to sacred artifacts, and unravel the mysteries of Egyptian mythology and daily life




National Museum tour

 Start your tour with an overview of Egyptian history, culture, and civilization. Explore the origins of ancient Egypt and its significance in world history.

Visit galleries showcasing artifacts from different periods of ancient Egyptian history, including statues, jewelry, pottery, and tools. Admire the craftsmanship and learn about their cultural significance.

Dive into the world of the pharaohs and explore exhibits featuring mummies, sarcophagi, and artifacts from the tombs of ancient Egyptian rulers. Learn about their religious beliefs, burial practices, and the afterlife.

Discover the myths, gods, and religious practices of ancient Egypt. Explore exhibits dedicated to Egyptian deities, temples, and religious rituals.

Gain insight into the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, including their social structure, economy, and family life. Explore exhibits featuring household items, clothing, and artifacts related to daily activities.

Before leaving, stop by the museum gift shop to purchase souvenirs, books, and replicas of ancient Egyptian artifacts to remember your visit.

Tour Details

Duration: 4 Hours

Type: Private tour

Run: Every day

Pick-up Time: 8:00 am

What's Included?

All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Pick up services from your hotel & return.

Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites.

Bottled water during your trip.

Shopping tours in Cairo.

Private Tour Guide

All taxes & service charge.

What's Excluded?

Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary.



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