White Desert and Bahariya Oasis Safari Tour

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Embark on a thrilling safari to Bahariya Oasis. Explore the Black Village, rejuvenate at the Cold Spring, marvel at the Crystal Mountain, and the White Desert. All this and a delectable lunch.



  • 🏜️ “Discover the serene Bahariya Oasis!”
  • 🏚️ “Explore the intriguing Black Village!”
  • 💎 “Marvel at the majestic Crystal Mountain!”
  • 🏞️ “Visit the captivating Agabat area!”
  • 🍄 “See unique formations in the ancient White Desert!”


Day Tour To White Desert And Bahariya Oasis Tour

Sun Pyramids Tours invites you to step into a world of enchantment and wonder. As dawn breaks over Cairo, we’ll whisk you away in our air-conditioned vehicle, leaving the city’s hustle and bustle behind for the tranquility of the Bahariya Oasis.

Upon arrival, a rugged jeep stands ready to take you on a thrilling safari adventure. Our first destination is the mysterious Black Village, a living testament to the region’s rich history. From there, we journey to El Hez Village, where the rejuvenating waters of the Cold Spring await.

Our voyage continues as we traverse breathtaking landscapes to reach the awe-inspiring Crystal Mountain and the captivating Agabat area. The pinnacle of our expedition is the mesmerizing White Desert, a natural spectacle unlike any other. Here, we delve into the ancient White Desert, home to unique formations that mimic mushrooms and tents, a testament to nature’s artistry.

Our exploration doesn’t stop there. We venture further into the New White Desert, a surreal landscape adorned with stunning limestone formations that are a sight to behold. As our exploration concludes, we return to the oasis where our comfortable vehicle awaits to transport us back to the bustling city of Cairo.

This unforgettable day includes a delectable lunch, providing the perfect opportunity to reflect on the day’s adventures. Join us for this extraordinary journey and create memories that will last a lifetime with Sun Pyramids Tours!

Meals: Lunch.

Tour Details

Duration: 12 Hours

Type: Private Tour

Run: Everyday

Pick-up Time: 07:00 A.M

What's Included?

The private transport from door to door.

The jeep for the trip .

lunch .

The mineral water.

The tickets of national park.

All taxes & service charge.

Desert Guide

What's Excluded?

Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary.



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