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29 Jan 2024, 09:00

Egypt Hidden Gems

Welcome to Egypt Hidden Gems' Ultimate Guide, your treasure map during Egypt excavations. This guide was planned, created, and drafted by specialized native consultants for foreigners, travelers, bold explorers, and those who can’t get enough by just exploring the surface in a fixed, pre-planned program. “You are going to Taste what Egyptians enjoy every day, celebrate their own drinks, dance all night long, or even join morning activities and water sports by the Nile River.” This is your ultimate guide to live like an Egyptian for one day or more. Egyptian Food Experience Well, Egyptian cuisine is one of the wealthiest cuisines you might encounter. That you would empty my stomach days before heading to Egypt just to get the chance to taste every single plate that came across your eyes in these places. We can categorize Egyptian “commercial” food into three main categories: Authentic Egyptian food, Oriental and Eastern food, and Bedouin food. Let's have a quick and yummy look at what you are going to taste: Authentic Egyptian food: Foul and Falafel: We can safely say that Egyptians are vegetarian people by nature, and there is no wonder As the Egyptians are considered one of the earliest people who discovered agriculture, You can start your breakfast with the famous and legendary Foul and Falafel Breakfast. We recommend some famous brands that have branches across any search on the map: Gad جاد   Bashandy بشندي Felfla فلفلة El Shabrawy  الشبراوي Arabiata   ارابياتا Masmat: For those who don’t know, a masmat is a place that serves kersha (Tripe), kaware3 (Hock), lesan (Tongue) or even animal private parts (Halali), and basically, any other animal body part most would think were inedible. But for many others, it is an extraordinary experience that might want to talk about later with colleagues and family back home. Here is one of Egyptian famous Masmats: Beggah بجة, عابدين Bahha بحه الناصريه Habayb Elsayeda. حبايب السيده Luckily, these three veteran restaurants and many more Masmats are Adjacent to the ancient area of Abdeen Koshary: Let us return to the Egyptian natural planet-based diet and Mo Salah's Favorite plate ever, as per him. Just don’t worry. The world's most typical and commercial Oriental food is coming right after this light dish of Koshary that consists of Rice, Lentils, Macaroni, Vermicelli, Tomato sauce, Vegetable oil, Onions, Cumin, Coriander, Chickpeas all in just one cheap vegetarian salty cocktail, you can have it in restaurant, takeaway, or delivery and here are the most reliable brands that can afford you Koshary: Koshary El Tahrir. Sayed Hanafy. Abo Tarek. Tom and Basal. Koshary Hend. Oriental and Eastern Cuisines  You don’t have to visit Syria, Yemen, Turkey, or Palestine because all these cuisines are invading Egypt to compete with other international brand marks along with the Egyptian cuisine in the 110 million population republic of Egypt. Here are the best of the best out of every neighboring country to judge its cuisine properly: Shawarma El Reem شاورما الريم (Syrian). Hadramout حضرموت (Yemeni). Sultan Ayub السلطان أيوب (Turkish). Sobhy Kaber صبحي كابر (Egyptian). El Prince البرنس (Egyptian). And after giving Egyptian food the golden medal, of course, you can check a specialized variety of Egyptian cuisine restaurants: Kasr Elkababgi قصر الكبابجي Studio Misr ستوديو مصر El Dahan - الدهان الأصل بتاع زمان 19554 Asmak Resaurant Wadi Al Nile أسماك وادي النيل Ibn Hamido Seafood أسماك إبن حميدو Bedouin Cuisine: The most healthy and notorious food that might come across your nose, however, it is protein based cuisine, but the manner they treaded meat and chicken is so healthy yet so delicious, here are  more than must-visit Bedouin restaurants and villages while you are in Egypt: Ghazal El Reem Bedouin Village  قرية غزال الريم للمأكولات البدوية التجمع الثالث Hany Village قرية هاني للمأكولات البدوية | فرع القاهرة Wahet Khattab واحة خطاب Wahet Saieed  واحة سعيد للاكلات البدوية والمشويات والمندي Legleisah Bedouin Cuisine لجليسة للمأكولات البدوية Egypt Activities and NightLife Now it's time to burn some calories. After a new food experience, it's the Adrenaline time. We can categorize Egypt's activities between morning bird activities and Night owl activities; however, many of the morning activities are still available late-day, but it is us who want to keep your night available for one of the wealthiest nightlife countries around the world. Morning Activities:  Kayak, Rowing, Water Sports: Imagine yourself in a warm and calm river stream wearing your lifejacket and holding a paddle, doing this away from your home country; actually, no picture can describe the smell and breeze. We are recommending Nile Kayak Club for its variety of branches. You can go kayaking way south in Aswan, or Cairo, or even on the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria. Nile Kayak Club: https://www.nilekayakclub.org/blog-1 Greek Rowing Club: Greek Rowing Club Skiing and Snowboarding: In case you’ve never seen snowy weather or missed your hometown's gloomy and cold weather, Cairo is here to make any of your dreams come true in the middle of the desserts where ski Egypt lying in Giza nearby the Pyramids, At Africa’s first indoor Ski resort and Snow Park, you can enjoy the spectacular 7,000 tons of real snow at below zero degrees. Get an unforgettable experience for everyone, with a range of unmatchable activities; enjoy Snow Park with all its different rides, learn to Ski or Snowboard on our Slope, and meet Snow Penguins through a unique encounter or the Penguins March. Ski Egypt: https://www.skiegy.com/en/ Sky Diving: Have you ever dreamed of flying like a superhero? Now you can! From children to seniors, everybody can fly in a Wind Tunnel. Make your first flight and try this incredible new experience, or discover body flight as an exciting new sport. Aerodium Egypt: https://www.indoorskydiving.world/tunnels/aerodium-egypt/ Racing Karts: Experience the thrill of speed at our premier kart racing location! Feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate through challenging tracks. Perfect for thrill-seekers and families. Safety is our priority, with top-notch equipment and trained staff. Race to the finish line and create lasting memories! GoKart Egypt: https://www.gokart-eg.com/ Paintball at Adrenaline Park: Paintball is one of the top adventurous and safe sports where players compete using air-pressured guns, which fire gelatin-colored bullets. It simulates the battlefield energetically. The main equipment of the game is Markers (Guns), Paintballs (Bullets), Masks, Overalls, Protection suits, and Gloves.  Adrenalin is the # 1 Paintball field in the Middle East and one of the top 100 worldwide in terms of player numbers, Court sizes, and quality.   Adrenaline Park: https://www.adrenalinegypt.com/ And here is a quick mention of the other Activities that you can enjoy while you are in Egypt:  Rock Climbing and Bouldering: Mario high ropes Escape Rooms and Mazes: Nightmare Escape Sherlocked Egypt Placebo - Role Playing Escape Rooms Trampoline-Based games: Gravity Code Jumpedia Sky Zone Egypt Nightlife Activities: 1) Cairo Jazz Club is the one place where you can enjoy live performances, drink and dance all together in one unforgettable night,  Here you can find the Event Calendar to carefully choose the performer you want to dance with their music all night long: https://cairojazzclub.com/events/ And here is the two locations in the two sides of Cairo: Cairo Jazz Club Cairo Jazz Club 610 2) El Sawy Culturewheel is a full-scale cultural center and the home for various activities and cultural events. Hundreds of concerts and musical events are on the daily basis calendar, including those for Oud, Jazz, and Musical Theatre for several Egyptian and Arab bands, singers, and entertainers. Event Calendar: https://www.culturewheel.com/en/events 3) Zawya Cinema: is a Cairo-based independent cinema platform with a mission to showcase and circulate quality films, don't worry, all the movies here are subtitled into English. Movies Calendar: http://zawyacinema.com/calendar 4) Cairo Opera House:  the leading performing arts venue in the Egyptian capital, but their website performs a lovely filtered calendar in which you can choose the theatre locations, the date, and the art type whether you want to watch Pallet, Music, Orchestras, or dance performance. Opera House Calendar: https://www.cairoopera.org/en/calendar/ 5) Bibliotheca Alexandrina aims to revive the role of the Ancient Library of Alexandria in encouraging dialogue among scientists, philosophers, and artists alike. The BA Arts Center provides a forum dedicated to various expressions of all forms of art, and it seeks to realize the goals of the BA in being Egypt’s window on the world and the world’s window on Egypt in the artistic field. BA Calendar: https://www.bibalex.org/en/events/showevents And here is a quick mention of Cairo and Alexandria Pubs and Bars that you can enjoy all night long while you are in Egypt:  Downtown Cairo: Pub 28, Undergroud Disco, Rooftop zamalek, Lotus Bar Maadi Cairo: Zulu, Tree Lounge Maadi Branch, Me Bar Zayed Cairo: The Tap West, Gigi, LA TABERNA New Cairo: The Tap East, Kazoku, SHINKŌ Cairo Alexandria: Calithea, Skyroof - Windsor Palace Hotel, NEO Lounge Alexandria Luxor: Royal Bar, Nile Bar & Lounge, Sundowner (Merrcure Luxor Karnak) Aswan: The Lounge Bar, Emy Bar Hurghada: Retro Pub HRG, Caribbean Bar, Hangover Bar & Grill Sharm Elshiekh: Buddha-Bar Sharm El-Sheikh, kash5a club Why do I book with Sun Pyramids Tours? 1) Expertise and Experience: Sun Pyramids Tours has a wealth of 53 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. 2) Customized Itineraries: Sun Pyramids Tours offers tailored itineraries to suit your preferences. 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We work with trusted partners, adhere to safety guidelines, and provide support throughout your journey to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience.

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